Danish company RepRap ApS (aka RepRap.me) is running a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative desktop FDM component called the Diamond Hotend which can print up to three... [read more]

Little information has been released beyond the photos, but Brook Drumm, CEO of Printrbot (and part-time television star), has announced the company's next 3D printer will... [read more]

MakerBot has announced the signing of an agreement with D&H Distributing that makes D&H a distributor of MakerBot products in the U.S. D&H specializes in programs for dealers... [read more]

French artist Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud has created a stop-motion short film called Chase Me featuring over 2,500 parts 3D printed on a Formlabs Form 1+. It is set to premiere... [read more]

Stratasys has released the details of its latest Objet and it is huge. Weighing in at a whopping 2.4 tons and measuring 9.4 x 6.9 x 6.4 feet, the new Objet 1000 Plus retains... [read more]

The Autodesk Spark Investment Fund was set up in 2014 to invest up to $100 million in entrepreneurs, innovators and startups who push the boundaries of 3D printing... [read more]

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