Sold-out, supersized exhibit floor with more than 100 3D printer models, software, scanners, demos, contests, giveaways, art galleries, education tracks for all user levels... [read more]

A team of engineers at Trinity College, Dublin are spearheading a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) aimed a fine-tuning a revolutionary 'Cold Spray' 3D printing technology... [read more]

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin say strands of DNA can act as a glue to bond together 3D printed materials which might someday be used to grow tissues and organs in a... [read more]

MatterHackers of Lake Forest Calif. is planning to demonstrate their new MatterControl Touch at 3D Printer World in Burbank, Calif., Jan. 29-31, 2015. The Touch is an Android-powered... [read more]

There are a number of companies and individuals chasing the dream of the 3D printed house, but now a Chinese construction company has unveiled two very large 3D printed buildings which... [read more]

Autodesk technology futurist Dr. Jordan Brandt to discuss "Educating the Generative Generation" on Friday, Jan. 30; 3D Systems-Gentle Giant's Louie Tucci to discuss... [read more]

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