Yoshitomo Imura may well become the Patrick Henry of 3D printing guns. The 28-year-old Imura was sentenced to two years in a Japanese prison for manufacturing 3D printed guns which... [read more]

A patient suffering an epileptic seizure might exhibit few symptoms. Most often children, the victims might suddenly stop what they're doing and stare blankly, unaware that the seizure... [read more]

Using 3D printing and some unique semiconductors, researchers have devised a power inverter which could make electric vehicles more attractive by making them lighter, more powerful... [read more]

Featuring twin engine ducts and complex internal features made as a single 3D printed part, a team of engineers from the University of Sheffield are pushing the envelope of design... [read more]

The Ultrascope is a 3D printed mini-observatory capable of letting users capture images of outer space using a smartphone. The robotically-controlled device...  [read more]

Austrian Klaus Leitl works with a really buggy 3D printer, or rather, it's not the printer so much as it is his subjects which are buggy. Leitl models and prints... [read more]

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