Graphene may well form the core of the next generation of technologies, and it's a potential bridge towards ultra-durable materials, superconductors and high-performance storage devices... [read more]

Jumping spiders, or Salticidae, aside from being seriously creepy, make use of a unique vision system which lets them stalk and hunt their prey before springing into action. A Salticid uses... [read more]

Hewlett-Packard says they're about to entirely disrupt 3D printing technology with a new a computer system and printer which streamlines the entire creation process. [read more]

Yuichiro Takeuchi says he's created a way to use 3D printing technology to make the world a greener place. An Associate Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc... [read more]

It reads like a passage from a science fiction novel, but one day soon your Grandma will be able to pick up her tablet computer, take a short stroll around her favorite broken teacup... [read more]

The marriage of 3D printing to the investment casting process has become a go-to method for artists, jewelers, medical and dental application designers and anyone who needs to translate... [read more]

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