3D Hubs, the collaborative 3D printer network which boasts 4540 local 3D printers, and DUS Architects have teamed up to create a miniature version of the 3D Print Canal House.

Ten 3D Hubs communities joined the effort to 3D print the 220 blocks needed to complete the five foot tall mini canal house. It's a replica of the DUS Architects-designed 3D Print Canal House now under construction in Amsterdam. Large enough for kids to play inside, the mini version of the 3D Print Canal House is a collaboration meant to demonstrate "what can happen when you combine unique design with an online maker community and digital fabrication techniques to build locally created, large-scale 3D printed objects in a very short amount of time."

3D Hubs helped build the miniature canal house, which stands over five feet tall, to examine future innovations and to research how 3D printing techniques might offer solutions to housing questions worldwide.

"We're proud to partner with DUS Architects in making the miniature 3D Print Canal House a reality," said Bram de Zwart, CEO and co-founder of 3D Hubs.

3D Hubs is a collaborative production platform for 3D printer owners and people who want to print. They say their mission is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone by unlocking the world's idle 3D printers. Founded in April 2013 by two former 3D Systems employees and based in Amsterdam, 3D Hubs is a privately held company backed by Balderton Capital and Rockstart Accelerator.

The Amsterdam-based DUS Architects generated a buzz with their recent project, the 3D Print Canal House, a project which is aimed at 3D printing an entire house as research into how new digital fabrication techniques can lead to affordable, tailor-made architecture.

Martine de Wit, a partner at DUS Architects, says 3D printing technology will have "huge implications for the way products are fabricated."

"The miniature 3D Print Canal House is special to us in many ways, as it's the first time one of our designs has been entirely digitally fabricated by a large community of makers without our physical presence," said de Wit.

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