A new 3D photo scanning studio called Captured Dimensions just opened up in Richardson, Texas. The high tech studio is equipped with dozens of cameras that surround the subject and capture it from every imaginable angle. Those photos are then worked into a 3D model and printed in plastic or full-color sandstone, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake for their customers. "It is just like having your picture taken, only with many cameras all at once," said Jordan Williams, the founder and president of Captured Dimensions, LLC. "After the pictures are knit together, the resulting photo-real, full-color, 3D model can be used in a variety of ways. We digitize reality."

The staff at Captured Dimensions spent over a year working out every detail of their image capture system in order to ensure a perfect print every time.

Right now the most popular option at Captured Dimensions is a full-color statue that can be printed up to 15" tall in either a bust or full body pose. The statues have been used as wedding cake toppers, as an alternative to traditional baby pictures and even as a way to immortalize a favorite pet. The staff made a point to note however, that they will work with anyone who needs an image captured and then 3D printed. "3D printing and 3D media are game-changers," noted Williams. "We are here to provide the massive amounts of 3D content that will be demanded. We have to be prepared for all the uses that people will find for their 3D digital images in the future."

You can see the Captured Dimensions photo and printing process in action here:

Captured Dimensions is undeniably one of the earliest adopters of photo scanning and printing within the US, but they aren't the only people doing it. A company called Levavo in the UK launched "My3DTwin" earlier this year and companies in Brazil and Japan are 3D printing statues of babies still in the womb. 3D printing has even become a sideshow at Coney Island where the Great Fredini is busy printing personalized plastic statues for tourists.