Have you ever wished for a table full of 3D printed terrain pieces? Well apparently you aren't alone because Norwegian company Bengler has created a free app that will let you do exactly that. All you have to do is visit the Terrafab website where you can select a section of Norway's terrain and download the X3D files for further modification. You can also order a 10 x 10 cm color sandstone print of your selection directly from Shapeways for about $100.

So why choose to map Norway? According to the Terrafab website, "Arguably, Norway has one of the top five most incredible terrains in the known universe. Norway's Mapping Authority also has open data policies which enable the necessary geographic measurements to be placed online." Parent company Bengler is also apparently known for "inventing unlikely and interesting uses for technology" and Terrafab certainly qualifies as that. You can take a look at the mapping and selection process here: