The Skulpturhalle Basel museum in Basel, Switzerland houses approximately 2,000 plaster casts of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. Thanks to the work of a Southern California-based 3D printing artist named Cosmo Wenman, you may soon be able to download the plans and print them yourself.

Wenman recently launched a Kickstarter campaign he hopes will allow him to spend several months turning his scans of the plaster casts into 3D printable files. He plans to upload the finished files to Thingiverse where anyone will be able to download them for free.

"Eventually, 3D printable designs of the entire world's cultural heritage of sculptural masterworks will be available to everyone, and this project is my attempt to make that happen sooner rather than later," said Wenman.

Speaking of Thingiverse, here is Bre Pettis holding a printed Head of a Horse of Selene
Speaking of Thingiverse, here is Bre Pettis holding a printed Head of a Horse of Selene.

Wenman had already made a hobby of scanning and printing ancient art. His work has been featured at the 2012 London 3D Print Show and the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. A handful of museums have opened their doors to him, allowing him to scan and release some of the art they house.  He's worked with casts from the Louvre, the British Museum and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Now he has the chance to take his pick of all the plaster casts Skulpturhalle Basel has to offer. Wenman hopes to scan and release designs for at least twenty of them. He has also decided to let some of his Kickstarter contributors choose which ones he works on.

Skulpturhalle Basel has casts of the Venus de Milo, Homer, Socrates, Plato and more. You can view the full list of statues Wenman hopes to work with on his Kickstarter campaign.