Colombian fashion designer Camilo Alvarez has partnered with Stratasys to create a new line of 3D printed accessories. Alvarez included the accessories in his "Botanicracia" Spring/Summer 2014 collection and recently displayed them at the Colombiamoda 2013 fashion show in Medellin.

Objet 500 ConnexAlvarez's Botanicracia line includes caps, bracelets, glasses and toe-caps that were either entirely 3D printed or included 3D printed elements. USM Colombia S.A., an authorized Stratasys reseller, was responsible for the physical printing of the line. They used their Objet260 Connex and Objet500 Connex multi-material 3D printers as well as an Objet Eden 3D Printer during production.

The ability to print with more than one material was crucial to Alvarez and it's one reason he decided to work with Stratasys to produce the line. In the end, Alvarez took full advantage of Stratasys' multi-material printing capabilities by using both VeroClear and TangoBlack to create the accessories. "People who attended the show and those who came closer to see the products were amazed; many of them had never imagined that fashion objects and accessories could be 3D printed," said Alvarez.

Camilo Alvarez may be the first designer to display 3D printed fashion accessories in Latin America, but he definitely isn't the only designer making use of the technology. 3D printed pieces have already hit the catwalk in Paris, Malaysia, Japan and even in Hollywood.

You can take a look at a video display of Alvarez's new line below. The 3D printed accessories begin showing up at about 2:25.