Would you eat food made from insect flour? Speculative designer Susana Soares thinks you should and she's using her 3D printer to whip up cookies and biscuits made from bugs like meal worms, silk worms and maggots. Soares, in conjunction with the Kupfer Company believes the future has plenty of room for 3D printed foods made from protein sources like insects.

Susana Soares, Penelope Kupfer and Daniel Kupfer

Soares draws her inspiration from Vincent Holt, the author of an 1885 pamphlet titled "Why Not Eat Insects?" Holt's suggestions weren't exactly embraced by people in Victorian times and Soares is meeting with similar resistance today. "Just four grasshoppers provide as much calcium as a glass of milk, while dung beetles, by weight, contain more protein than beef." Soares writes, noting that insects are also "tremendously efficient at converting vegetation into edible protein. 100 kg of feed produces 40 kg of crickets, but only 10 kg of beef."

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