Dutch company LUXeXcel has created the world's first pair of 3D printed corrective eyeglasses and hand delivered them to a king and queen.  LUXeXcel is already known for manufacturing 3D printed LED optics.  When they were invited to meet with the Dutch Royal Highnesses King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, they decided to produce something special for the event.

To commemorate the meeting, LUXeXcel designed functional lenses and frames that were then produced in a single printing session.  Their 3D Printoptical system built the lenses one layer at a time using a UV-curable polymer.  The polymer cures as it prints with the aid of a UV lamp inside the print head.

After LUXeXcel presented the eyeglasses to the royal couple they were moved to the European Digital Industrial Manufacturing platform Diginova where they are being showcased as a modern-day disruptive innovation.

You can take a look at LUXeXcel's printing process below, though the interview is not entirely in English.  Even with the language barrier you'll get several great shots of their 3D printer as well as examples of optics that they print.

LUXeXcel is also collaborating with the University of Eastern Finland's Institute of Photonics to design an upgraded version of their Printoptical system.