An interactive designer and drone hobbyist from the Netherlands named Jasper van Loenen has designed a 3D printed "Drone It Yourself" kit that lets everyday objects take flight.  The plans for the kit detail everything you need to get creative and build the drone of your choice.  Once you have the completed kit all you need to do is clamp the propellers on and attach a couple of wires.  It's that easy.

You can watch Loenen make a drone out of a bicycle wheel, a keyboard and other objects here:

Loenen was originally working to create a 3D printed frame but changed his mind and decided to make his kit "frame free" so that users could decide what they wanted their drones to be made of.

"I think I liked the keyboard best, with the USB cable looking like some sort of weird tail," said Loenen. "But I've heard some great suggestions – like flying a cake."

Loenen has uploaded the kit details to Instructables, so if you're adventurous and want to print out your own "Drone It Yourself" kit, you can.