These 3D printed speakers are the creation of Arthur Harsuvanakit and Evan Atherton from Autodesk. They used 3DS Max and Autodesk Inventor to draw up the plans and then printed the speakers on a Stratasys Objet500 Connex. As pretty as the initial design was, the team thought it needed something more. A company called LumiGeek provided the finishing touch; an audioreactive LED system which lights the speakers up in time with the music.

Take a look at how it all works here:

"This project was a demonstration of the potential of 3D printers to create high-fidelity, finished products," said Evan Atherton. "We wanted to create something that could only be created by means of additive manufacturing."

Unfortunately, the technology won't be coming to a nightclub near you any time soon. The speakers contain about $2,200 worth of 3D printed material and the LumiGeek LED system hasn't been publicly released yet. Still, it's an effective demonstration of what's possible now and what could be implemented in the future. If you are curious about the creation process for the speakers you can check out Instructables. Atherton released some of the initial project details there.