The Seattle-based company Pensar is developing a process to create customized, 3D printed shoes. They're calling the new line "DNA", ostensibly because each shoe will be as unique to the owner as their own DNA is.

In order to get the ball rolling, a Pensar customer would put on a pair of "test shoes" outfitted with sensors, then run around the block and return to the store.  The data acquired from the run would be uploaded and analyzed. A series of algorithms will then be generated to create a shoe based on the individual's biomechanics.

Low arches?  Bit of a limp? Not much of a problem because the shoes will be designed to fit the way we move, not just the shape of our feet.

"Pushing the algorithms further will allow the computer to design a shoe that improves your running form or compensates for imbalances," explains Pensar.

After the test data is compiled, customers will be able to modify the aesthetics of the shoes to suit their individual style. xFrom that point, the data files will go into Pensar's 3D printer and a few hours later, you'll be wearing perfectly fitted shoes.

Now if Pensar would just be willing to create a new line of pumps instead of sneakers, I'd be out dancing in the streets. You can check out Pensar's Behance portfolio and get more details on the project here.