Many printers were given away at the 3D Printer World Expo held in Burbank, Calif., Jan. 31 - Feb. 1, 2014. A complete list of the winners is below. Photos to follow:

Ron Schooler Afinia H-Series
George Culalo Airwolf 3D V5.5
Joseph Francuz Airwolf 3D V5.5
Calvin Ray Loeser EZ3D Phoenix
Rony Armas Deezmaker Bukobot 8 v2
Rafael Grassetti, ZBrush Sculpt-Off winner Formlabs Form 1
Christian Espinoza FSL3D Pegasus Touch
Thea Morton FSL3D Pegasus Touch
Melissa Livingston HYREL 3D Journeyman E4
Chad Caswell Lightforge
Terri Quick, Ventura County Library Lulzbot TAZ
Worklab CC OpenBeam Mini Kossel
Brian Fogg OpenBeam Mini Kossel
Eric Carnagey Printrbot Simple
Jeffery Cain Printrbot Plus
Austin Henderson RigidBot
Mimi Gramatky Stradling RoBo 3D R1
Samantha Yeung SeeMeCNC Orion
Matt Christopher Solidoodle 4th Generation

NOTE: The thumbnails below are linked to original, high resolution digital photographs. They may take a few seconds to download.

The last couple hours of the show were very busy and we had trouble finding our photographers when the printer winners started taking their printers home. But, we finally rounded up the cameras and managed to snap a few photos of some of them.

We didn't have any photographers in the proper area when the 3D printers started being given away, but earlier, we snapped this photo of the RoBo 3D R1 before Mimi Gramatky Stradling won it. Erick Wolf of Airwolf 3D and George Culalo, winner of a V5.5. Jenny Bolton of 3D Printer World and Matt Christopher, winner of a Solidoodle 4th Generation.
Joe Scott of Afinia and Ron Schooler, winner of an H-Series. Austin Henderson, winner of a RigidBot, and of Michael Lundwall of Invent-A-Part. Jeffery Cain, winner of a Printrbot Plus.
Eric Carnagey, winner of a Printrbot Simple. Henry Liu of FSL3D and Christian Espinoza, winner of a Pegasus Touch. Michelle Petrosi and Ventura County Library's new Lulzbot TAZ.
Erick Wolf of Airwolf 3D and Joseph Francuz, winner of a V5.5. Jenny Bolton of 3D Printer World and Rony Armas, winner of a Deezmaker Bukobot 8 V2. Jake Wood of EZ3D and Calvin Ray Loeser, winner of a Phoenix.
Karl Gifford of HYREL 3D and Melissa Livingston, winner of a Journeyman E4. Amber Bennett of 3D Printer World and Brian Fogg, winner of an OpenBeam Mini Kossel. Rafael Grassetti and his new Formlabs Form 1, first place prize for the ZBrush Sculpt-Off.