London business owners with a vision for 3D printing can get help making it real with three "Design Jams" produced by the London Creative and Digital Fusion Project.

The 12-hour events are designed to assist small and medium sized business in the digital and 3D printing fields grow.

The agenda includes inspirational talks from business leaders in the field and competitive teamwork by business owners. The teams with the winning ideas at the end of each event will receive roughly $16,200 worth of business coaching.

The first "Jam," titled "Making in the City," is slated for Dec. 6th and will provide small and medium business owners a stronger understanding of what 3D printing is and how it can be used in their operations. They will also have access to a 3D printer.

The second "Jam," called "Services in the City," is set for February 20th. The theme is enhancing city residents' lives using people centered design.

The final "Jam" is set for April 30th and is titled "Health and Wellbeing in the City." It will bring London-based businesses from across digital and creative industries to co-create commercially viable ideas that will shape cities and enhance the lives of their residents.

London Fusion is a business development program designed to help London's creative and digital companies collaborate, innovate and grow.