3D Systems has announced the acquisition of CRDM, a UK-based rapid prototyping company that creates parts for a variety of automotive, aerospace, medical and motorsports applications. 3D Systems plans to immediately incorporate CRDM into their existing prototyping branch called Quickparts.

Quickparts currently offers customers the chance to upload their CAD files and get nearly instant quotes as well as personalized service while their part is being prototyped. The incorporation of CRDM will bring nearly twenty years of prototyping experience to the mix, as well as all of their existing customers and equipment. The acquisition will also help to expand 3D System's presence in the UK.

"CRDM is a strategic and geographically important addition to our rapidly growing 3D content-to-print services portfolio," said Ziad Abou, Vice President and General Manager, Quickparts Solutions, 3D Systems. "With a proven track record in advanced manufacturing and rapid tooling, CRDM complements and expands our extensive range of custom parts services."

3D Systems has also recently acquired Team Platform, a cloud-based collaborative project manager and released a new software program called Cubify Sculpt.