3D Systems announced they've come up with a new plastic injection molding-like material they call VisiJet M3 Black for use in ProJet 3500/3510 professional 3D printers.

The company calls VisiJet M3 Black "the strongest, most durable ProJet 3500/3510 material yet" and says the material has "excellent toughness and flex properties that make it suitable for snap fit and assembly applications."

Aimed at users engaged in rapid manufacturing (designers, inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers), VisiJet M3 Black purports to be "a revolutionary breakthrough in ProJet plastic materials."

 "VisiJet M3 Black parts have the toughness and durability for rigorous testing and direct end use. When used in assemblies with other high performance materials like VisiJet M3 X, VisiJet M3 Black allows for design and testing capabilities that are unparalleled," said Buddy Byrum, Vice President of Product and Channel Management for 3D Systems.

3D Systems, the industry-leading firm located in Rock Hill, SC, produces 3D printers, print materials and on-demand custom parts for professionals and consumers. In addition, the company provides CAD, 3D modeling, reverse engineering and inspection software tools.

Since the ProJet 3500 line of printers can run anywhere from $59,000 all the way up to $90,000, the new material is aimed at what can only be called a professional or "prosumer" market.

Alyssa Reichental, Media Relations Manager for 3D Systems, said VisiJet M3 Black should appeal to designers who need a material for "parts that will require good flexibility, like a backpack clip or other connectors."
Reichental added that this latest offering from 3D Systems will be "affordably priced, similar to other multi-jet printed materials" on the market.

"Recent material science breakthroughs by 3DS polymer technologists are core to developing new materials that we bring to market," Reichental said. "We also engage with our pro users and evaluate, test and refine all our offerings including current and new materials. Material development for the Projet series of printers typically takes anywhere from 6-9 months to complete."

According to Reichental, VisiJet M3 Black is available now.