Software development company 3Defy, Inc. has just re-designed their program to include the ability to create 3D prints from 2D photos. Previous versions of 3Defy software only allowed users to view their images in stereoscopic 3D. Thanks to the recent software update files can now be exported in printable X3D format. The photo conversion process is mostly browser-based. You log in to the site, upload a photo and edit it in their online modeler. The 3D render is accomplished by creating layers and pushing or pulling them to the desired depth. Once you are finished editing the images cost $4.99 each to export (although if you order in bulk the price drops a little).

According to the company's founder, Chris Wallace, 3Defy was already specializing in 2D to 3D conversion so it was a natural move for them to add printing capability to their software. "Now that 3D printers have advanced to the point of detailed full-color physical models, users can actually hold their creations in the palm of their hands. This new art form is truly stunning, and represents something unique and previously unforeseen in both the technology and art worlds," Wallace said. "We believe that 3Defy offers the most realistic 2D to 3D conversion available, and our latest software version provides many new capabilities which have been highly requested by our users."

You can take a look at some of 3Defy's converted 2D files here: