3DLT is continuing its rollout that began at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013.  The startup that bills itself as a "3D printing template marketplace" has partnered with several other companies in order to assure a smooth and simple customer experience.  So far, they have brought three into the fold:  3D object search engine 3D Industri.es, printer finding service makexyz and marketing firm CoupSmart.

The partnership with 3DI will make it easier to validate ownership of 3D templates that are uploaded to the marketplace.  By cross-referencing any uploaded files with the 3DI database, all intellectual property offered in the marketplace can be verified as original.

"We have thoroughly reviewed the process by which we onboard new designers," said 3DLT CEO Pablo Arellano.  "We have benchmarked industry best practices around onboarding creative assets.  3DI was identified as the proven leader in this space and we are thrilled to join them in collaboration."

The partnership with makexyz expands the customer base of 3DLT outside of what would be considered their traditional target demographic.  makexyz helps connect everyday people with a network of 500 3D printers for the purposes of  having something fabricated.  Therefore, someone who doesn't own a 3D printer can still purchase a design from 3DLT and pay to have it made on a nearby printer.  This scattered network of printers also takes shipping out of the equation in many instances.

"In partnership, we make same-day production possible for hundreds of products," said Nathan Tone, co-founder of makexyz in a statement.  "A designer uploads a product to 3DLT on Monday, and can deliver it to a customer on the other side of the world on Tuesday.  It's a great fit."

Of course, no business can work if no one ever knows it exists.  That is where CoupSmart becomes involved.  They offer a pay-for-performance marketing system wherein they attempt to attract customers to 3DLT with Facebook and SmartDeals, a system that offers discounted goods to customers only after they have shared the deal with their social media connections.

Overall, 3DLT hopes to establish itself as a leader in selling design templates while the 3D printing market continues to grow.

"The 3D printing market needs a retail marketplace where consumers can buy print-ready designs," said Arellano.  "With all of the interest in 3D printing and the sheer number of 3D printers being sold, there will soon be a huge demand for content, and that's what 3DLT provides."