After examining the work of nearly 150 entrants in the GoEngineer-sponsored Gears of Innovation Contest leading up to the inaugural 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, Calif., on Jan. 31-Feb. 1, our judges have selected the winning designs.

The ingenuity on display from designers around the globe was staggering, making it incredibly difficult for the judges to pick winners.

We owe a huge thanks to the people at GoEngineer for their assistance with helping determine the 3D printability of the models, and for 3D printing the first- through fifth-place designs so we can showcase them in a special display area on the exhibit floor of the Expo. We would also like to thank GrabCAD for hosting the contest as a GrabCAD Challenge.

The Winners:

5th Place - $1,000

Hossein Heidari of Tehran, Iran
Judge's consensus: Original. Unlike all other entries and very clever marketing inclusion.

4th Place - $1,000

Marcello Calisti of Italy
Judge's consensus: Difficult to print and might be a little fragile depending on material, but very complex and amazing work.


3rd Place - $3,000

Jamie Hough of the United Kingdom
Judge's consensus: Another practical item that could be a real product. We all want one of these.


2nd Place - $5,000

Fidel Chirtes of Cluj, Romania
Judge's consensus: A really creative way to take the 3D printing and size constraints and build something that wows and shows that possibilities abound. Extremely close scoring between this and 1st place.


1st Place - $10,000

Ann Saint of Orange County, California
Judge's consensus: Simple, creative, practical, beautiful design. This yoyo could be a real product.