Cydni Tetro, founder and Chief Executive Officer of 3DPlusMe and adviser to Disney on technology commercialization will headline 3D Printer World Expo's keynote session. Ms. Tetro is an operating partner at Mercato, a growth and private equity firm, and mod faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10K small business initiative. She is also the president of the Women Tech Council and has been among the vSpring Capital top 100 Entrepreneurs for the last eight years.

Ms. Tetro's recent startup, 3DPlusME, provides an experiential retail 3D print platform that creates personalized and customized 3D printing experiences centered on content IP and brand integration.

In her keynote, Ms. Tetro will share her insights on how 3D printing is changing the consumer, commercial, interactive and education markets, discuss important trends and how to think about strategies for the coming change and disruption due to 3D printing.

Joining Ms. Tetro in the keynote roundtable segment:

Brent Heyning, founder of Toyshoppe Systems, an engineering and special effects studio. Mr. Heyning has been engineering effects for blockbuster films such as Dark Knight Rises for two decades, and frequently employs 3D printing.

Mick Ebeling, founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, whose organizers are collaborating with a growing community of creative makers and hackers to crowd-source and crowd-solve previously insurmountable healthcare issues by developing low-cost solutions on open-source, DIY platforms.

Mark Setrakian, the creator of all robots on the Syfy channel's competition series "Robot Combat League," and the show's on-air robot expert. He is considered one of the best mechanics/machine makers in Hollywood, and frequently puts his Fortus 400 3D printer to use in various applications.

Jesse McGatha, a senior program manager at Microsoft who is currently working with the 3D printing team. He has been a Microsoft developer, tester, project manager, game designer, architect and manager, but today focuses on 3D printing and its usefulness in consumer and enterprise markets.

"We're really excited to have an accomplished entrepreneur like Cydni presenting and leading such a diverse group of 3D printer users and experts in our roundtable discussion," says Bob Titsch, content director for 3D Printer World Expo. "They'll provide a terrific jump start to the event, giving attendees a sense of the technology's current impact on consumer and commercial markets, as well as possibilities and prospects for the future."