3D Printer World Expo attendees will be treated to more than 40 3D-printed sculptures and other creative works from a dozen artists on Jan. 30-Feb. 1. The pieces will be located in a special art gallery set up on the exhibit floor. Among the highlights:

Gil Bruvel will showcase three sculptures from his spectacular Flow series. These striking, evocative sculptures – comprised of graceful sinuous ribbons of energy that flow in parallel stream – were 3D printed and cast in stainless steel.

Dichotomy by Gil Bruvel


Renowned 3D print artist Bathsheba Grossman will display several pieces including the mystical Quin.MGX sconce lamp, which was chosen as one of the top designs of 2008 by Time magazine. Ms. Grossman also will show a 6" x 6" x 8" SLA print of the fabulous Rygo, an inverted gyroidal design, as well as a few other works.

Quin_MGX by Bathsheba Grossman

Alejandro Pereira, a digital artist who has worked on projects for animation giants marvel, DC, Disney-Pixar and Universal Studios, has designed a custom statue for 3D Printer World Expo. Called "Fire and Ice," it's an expressive and evocative 3D printed action figure.

Fire and Ice by Alejandro Pereira

Kevin Mack, an Academy Award winning visual effects designer, will feature many of his 3D printed works that, like a Rorschach ink blot, are designed to make people see things derived from their own mind, a phenomenon known as pareidolia. Mack's work in artificial life and rule-based systems – employed to grow the tree in "What Dreams May Come" and in the human brain in "Fight Club" – inspired the development of tissue simulation software that has been used for virtual stem cell research. While he makes his living in the film business, he has been quietly 3D printing sculptures for many years.

Happenstance by Kevin Mack

Cosmo Wenman, who has received international media attention for his groundbreaking work publishing 3D surveys of artwork from museums around the world, will showcase six pieces including Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. "3D printers are actually dematerializers, and they are going to print – and dissolve – some unexpected things," says Wenman. "The next couple of years are going to be a big, exciting mess. I'm going to be in it, trying to do interesting stuff."

Winged Victory by Cosmo Wenman

Jake Hempson, a Zimbabwean born multi-disciplinary artist, will showcase three sculptures including Unseen Brothers, a pair of 3D prints that explore the stereotype of "macabre" by removing and re-situating their skulls at a different angle to become otherworldly and, to a degree, unrecognizable as a human being.

Unseen Brothers by Jake Hempson

Additional art will be showcased by several other artists including:

  • Joaquin Baldwin, a Disney animator and 3D print artist
  • Bridgette Mongeon, a traditional Sculptor and author of "3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft"
  • Paul Nylander, a math-based digital artist
  • Robert Vignone, a senior modeler at DreamWorks and 3D print artist
  • Eric Keller, a visual effects/CG instructor and 3D print artist
  • Mike Amron, a digital artist who creates prints with 3D scans and open source software

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