3D Printer World has established a $25,000 travel fund for educators and students living outside of the Southern California area who want to attend 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, Calif., Jan 31-Feb. 1.

Educators are invited to apply for a grant not to exceed $2,500 for students who do not have the resources to travel to the event. Educators also may apply on their own behalf if they wish to accompany their students to the show. Students must be accompanied by their teacher or a designated chaperone.

"Our mission with this show is to introduce 3D printing to as many new and emerging users of the technology as possible," explains Bob Titsch, director of content development for 3D Printer World Expo. "Educators are a critical emerging user category because they're grooming the next generation of artists, creators and mechanical innovators so we want to do everything we can to help those without budget or resources get to our event. When they see how individuals, businesses and other organizations are using 3D printing hardware and software solutions to their benefit, the wheels will start turning for them personally, but they'll also take what they learn back to their communities to inform and inspire others."

Educators may visit this page to apply for a travel allowance. If selected to receive the travel funds, students/teachers will instruct 3D Printer World as to the preferred airline, flight number, dates and times and 3D Printer World will reserve the flight for the student/teacher travelers through its designated travel agent. Funds are limited to airfare only and all other costs associated with the travel are the responsibility of teachers and students.

Additionally, while up to $2,500 per application is available, lower amounts may be awarded depending on the number of students requesting travel funds from any given school. 3D Printer World's objective is to help as many different groups of students as possible travel to the event. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to make requests based on their financial needs and not the $2,500 travel allowance cap.

Grant winners will be notified by email and also announced on the 3D Printer World website.

Apply here.