Inspired by a famous passage from the medieval Japanese literature classic, "Tsurezuregusa," Japanese advertising production company Taiyo Kikaku Co., Ltd. has created a short film featuring 512 artificial fingernails that were 3D printed on a full color 3D Systems ProJet 660Pro.

Dubbed "Transforming," the animation was developed by computer graphics unit "+Ring" based on designs by nail artist Hatsuki Furutani. However, instead of simply outputting each frame to 3D CGI rendering software, the data was sent to the 3D printer. The 3D printed nails were then attached and replaced on a human model's hand and filmed using the stop-motion technique.

The production lasted a couple of months and cost about a half million dollars. Whether an indicator of how seriously some Japanese take performance art or a demonstration of Taiyo Kikaku's creative prowess, stop-motion is a grueling, detail-oriented process, as this "making-of" video clearly demonstrates.