Several renowned 3D print artists will display their work in the art gallery at 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle on Aug. 22-23. All expo and conference attendees will have access to the art gallery as well as several other attractions.

The artists and the work they will be showcasing:


Gil Bruvel, an accomplished fine artist who has been using 3D printing technology for many years, will display three new pieces from his Flow Series: Rain, River and Checkmate, a large chess set with pieces direct-metal printed by ExOne.

River by Gil Bruvel

Checkmate by Gil Bruvel


Bathsheba Grossman, an early innovator and visionary in 3D printed art who has been very influential in popularizing direct-metal printing as an art medium, will display several pieces including the Quin sconce and Hyperwine.

The Quin sconce by Bathsheba Grossman

Hyperwine by Bathsheba Grossman


Joshua Harker, a pioneer and visionary in 3D printed art and sculpture, will display several pieces including the new Mazzo di Fiori he offered via Kickstarter to raise funds for developing a new 3D printer with what he calls a dream list of features for other artists and designers.

Mazzo di Fiori by Joshua Harker

Crainia Anatomica Filigre by Joshua Harker


Kevin Mack, an Academy Award winning visual effects designer as well as a pioneering digital and 3D print artist, will display several pieces including Happenstance and Frank's Flowing Self Awareness.

Frank's Flowing Self Awareness by Kevin Mack

Happenstance by Kevin Mack


Vladimir Bulatov, an accomplished artist who makes 3D printed sculptures and jewelry based on mathematical concepts, will display several pieces including Five Tetrahedra and Dodecahedron IV.

Five Tetrahedra by Vladimir Bulatov Dodecahedron IV by Vladimir Bulatov


Alejandro Pereira, a professional artist who has worked on projects for animation giants marvel, DC, Disney-Pixar and Universal studios, will showcase  Fire & Ice: DarkWolf Unleashed, a fantasy sculpture he designed exclusively for 3D Printer World Expo.

Fire & Ice: DarkWolf Unleashed by Alejandro Pereira


Other featured artists and designers displaying work include Toru Hasegawa, John Mahoney and Jon Shelley.

3D Printer World Expo brings together the entire 3D printing ecosystems under one roof to showcase commercial, professional and desktop 3D printers, software solutions, service bureau offerings, imaging technology and various materials used in 3D printing.

Pre-registration for the Seattle Expo is open.