Afinia's new H800 is ramping up the company's product line in a big way.

Founded in 2009, Afinia began by providing specialty printing solutions through their parent company, Microboards Technology. Microboards Technology has offered media duplication products since 1989, and their foundation and technical expertise served as the basis for the birth of Afinia.

"We saw some basic 3D printers geared towards consumers, but they were hard to use, and the customer support was basically non-existent," says Afinia Vice President, John Westrum. "We decided to come out with a high-quality, low-cost printer, and to take what we learned from our duplication business to provide a level of customer support and ease of use that's not matched by any other company in the space."

Now Afinia has announced the latest addition to their line, a 3D printer which features a larger build area and boasts rock-solid performance.

The H800 features a 10" x 8" x 8" build area which is five times larger than the company's previous flagship H480.

It's also packed with a number of additional enhancements like a HEPA filtration system, fully-automated platform leveling and height sensing, 30% faster print speed, 100-micron print resolution, one button filament color changing and smart support material technology – all in a fully-enclosed system.

Afinia H-Series Printers include a 1-year Manufacturers Warranty with an optional 2nd year extended warranty. The 2nd-Year Extended Warranty extends the life of the machines and covers unexpected parts and labor for an additional year. You have up to 30 days after your purchase date to buy the extended warranty for your Afinia H800 3D printer.

The H800 includes "active heartbeat mood lighting" to give you visual feedback of print status. It takes up just 19.1" x 20.5" x 19.5" of desktop space, weighs in at 55 lbs and includes USB connectivity. The printer uses 1.75mm ABS or PLA Plastic Filament, and one 500g spool of Natural White Premium ABS is included with your initial purchase. There are also inexpensive, high-quality PLA and Premium ABS filaments available in an array of colors including natural, black, red, blue, yellow and green.

All Afinia H-Series 3D Printers provide what the company calls a "True Out-of-the-Box 3D Printing Experience," and they come fully assembled with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac.

Afinia's 3D Printer Software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling parts, and the included utility calibrates the printhead height.

Afinia printers easily import STL files and output can be customized in terms of the amount of support material and "raft," or base support needed. The company's breakaway support material is simple to remove, and tools for completing the removal of the support material are included.

Afinia says the H800 will be available for purchase during Spring of 2015, and you can lock in a price of $1,899.00 by pre-ordering now.