Airwolf AW3D

Airwolf 3D, based in Southern California, has released the AW3D XL.  Boasting a 300 mm x 200 mm x 178 mm (672 cubic inches) build envelope, it is essentially a larger version of the AW3D V5.5, but with a heated, variable temperature build platform (the V5.5 is fixed temperature).

The rest of the AW3D XL's performance specifications are shared with its smaller sibling.  This includes an 80 micron minimum layer height, 150 mm/sec maximum print speed (travel speed is 400 mm/sec), a borosilicate glass plate and the ability to use ABS, PLA, PC, nylon and PLA-wood.  The AW3D XL is available as a pre-soldered kit for $1,895, or fully assembled, calibrated and tested for $2,295.