Airwolf 3D Axiom

Airwolf 3D is introducing its latest line of 3D printers at the Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show in New York this week. Dubbed AXIOM, the new units are faster, more precise and offer greater convenience.

"We took a clean sheet of paper and set out to solve the issues that users have in operating desktop 3D printers," said Erick Wolf, founder and chairman, Airwolf 3D.

AXIOM incorporates a CoreXY motion control system for high speed movement and precise control of the print head. Sporting a full enclosure to keep external air from altering the temperature of the build area, the printer's body is made from extruded aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate components.

CoreXY System

The new line includes something Airwolf calls an End-User Replaceable Cassette. The extruder and CoreXY assembly are integrated into a single cassette that is replaceable by the end user. This allows easier component servicing and also affords end user upgradability for future enhancements.

The checklist of features for which Airwolf has become known are all there – Large build area, fast printing, a wide variety of material options. However, there is also an astonishing list of improvements. The Axiom is faster than the HD line at 250 mm/second print speed. In addition to the full enclosure and CoreXY system, the printer's ceramic bed is removable via a slide lock for easy cleaning and application of Wolfbite adhesion solution. Its all metal hot end can print layer heights as fine as 40 microns using almost any filament material. Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and Micro SD are standard, as are cloud printing options. Perhaps best of all in the realm of convenience, the AXIOM has an auto-leveling bed.

AXIOMs removable ceramic build plate and auto-leveling bed

"The conceptualization, design and testing took us almost two years to get perfect and we could not be more pleased with the results," said Wolf. "AXIOM offers higher resolution, more material capabilities and better ease-of-use than printers costing more than three times the price."

AXIOM specs:

  • Print in over 30 materials from TPU to polycarbonate
  • Auto-leveling
  • Slide lock bed
  • Enclosed Chamber
  • CoreXY motion system
  • Astroprint Cloud Slicing and Mobile Print Management
  • 40 micron minimum layer height
  • 12.5" x 10" x 8" build envelope
  • Powerful tri-fan material cooling system
  • Interchangeable nozzles (from 0.35 to 0.50 mm)
  • Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB and Micro SD
  • High temperature print head (315°C)


Shipping is slated to begin in July at a retail price of $3995. AXIOMe, A PLA version targeting the educational market, will be made available for $2995. A dual hot end version is expected in early 2016.