Airwolf 3D has added a new entry-level 3D printer to its rapidly growing lineup of high-performance machines designed for professionals and prosumers. Dubbed the AW3D HDL, the new model looks very similar to the rest of the HD series with its clear acrylic body and 12" x 8" x 12" build envelope. However, at $2,295, it's a tip of the hat toward those who want an Airwolf HD for a lower initial cost.

The HDL maintains Airwolf's renowned 150 mm/s speed and can produce layers as small as 80 microns, but like a MakerBot Replicator, it can only work with lower temperature materials such as PLA, Soft PLA, LayBrick, LayWoo-D3, Bronzefill, TPE and TPU.

Possibly the most attractive feature of the HDL is that it can be upgraded. A heated bed and Airwolf's jam-resistant JRx or dual hot-end can be added later, enabling the printing of high temperature engineering-grade materials such as polycarbonate and Taulman's Bridge nylon.

"The AW3D HDL is not a toy for hobbyists," said Erick Wolf, Airwolf 3D founder and chairman. "It's a serious professional 3D printer built in response to customers asking for a high-quality unit at an aggressive price point. The only difference between it and our most advanced 3D printer is the absence of technically advanced features, which can easily be added as needs and budgets dictate."

"The HDL continues our commitment to providing a wide selection of 3D printing solutions," added Mark Mathews, Airwolf 3D president. "The HDL now effectively complements the HD, HDx and HD2x models which top out at $3,995.00 and serve to provide our growing reseller channel with the broadest product line in our space."

All assembled Airwolf 3D printers are pre-calibrated and then tested for 20 hours prior to shipping, and come with a six month warranty. Airwolf offers MatterControl PRO printer management software, pre-configured for use with its machines, which are made in Costa Mesa, Calif.

The first public demonstration of the AW3D HDL is scheduled to take place this month at 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle, August 22-23, 2014.