Silicon Valley startup Arevo Labs has developed a means of creating lighter, stronger objects via specialized materials and 3D printing methodology. The technique involves a series of proprietary carbon fiber and carbon nanotube reinforced high performance materials combined with custom software and extrusion technology compatible with commercially available 3D printers.

The high performance polymers include KetaSpire PEEK, AvaSpire PAEK, Radel PPSU and PrimoSpire SRP, which are designed to create ultra strong polymer parts.

"We are excited about enabling 3D printed ultra strong polymer parts for the first time," Arevo founder Hemant Bheda said. "(Original equipment manufacturers) in the aerospace and defense industries in particular can now use lighter and stronger production parts not possible to manufacture using conventional methods until now."

The materials are from Solvay Specialty Polymers, which manufactures over 1,500 products across 35 brands.

"Arevo Labs is providing the aerospace and defense industries with a new level of performance with 3D printed ultra strong parts using Solvay Polymers," said Jens Hoeltje, Director of Strategy and Marketing for Solvay Specialty Polymers. "We're pleased that several of Solvay's high performance polymers are being used in this exciting new technology."

The patent pending 3D printing technology combines printing complex geometries with reinforced materials resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. The result should be lighter, stronger, 3D printed parts.