Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi has teamed up with Materialise to produce Asia's first fashion show devoted to 3D printed accessories. The theme of the show was "birds" and it featured five designs. The models wore nude bodysuits on the runway so that the focus would be entirely on the printed pieces.

"Creating fashion with technology has always been something I wanted to do, so when Materialise approached me with this opportunity, it was like a dream come true," said Looi. The collaborative effort involving people from different fields and backgrounds truly reminded me that exciting and beautiful things happen when art and technology meet. It is truly a great honor to be the first Asian fashion designer to design a collection using AM technology."

Looi's first piece was called "Face It." Designed to be worn as headgear, it's a huge 3D printed white bird settled on top of the model's head.

The second piece down the runway was called "Stand on Me." It's a set of wedges featuring bird and bone-like designs.

Looi's third creation is called "Her Love and Strength." She designed it to represent the strength of a mother's love for her child.

The fourth display piece down the runway was called "Let Her Shine." It's a lampshade shaped skirt with peacock details.

The final piece displayed on the catwalk was a magnificent wrap-around feather cape called "Open Wings."