3D Systems will continue to increase its presence in brick-and-mortar retail stores with an agreement to stock its Cube 3D printers on one of Australia's largest office supply chains' shelves. Officeworks will begin offering the Cube in 21 of its 150 store locations across the country this year.

The move comes on the heels of 3D Systems' agreements to offer the Cube in 350 Staples and Office Depot locations in the United States.

"At Officeworks, we're really excited to see where our customers take the Cube 3D printer as they explore the limitless range of creative, boundary-pushing designs available," Officeworks Technology Business Manager Toby Watson said. "We encourage everyone to get involved as it's never been easier to bring your big ideas to life."

Officeworks will offer the printer for $1,499 in stores and online. It will also stock both ABS and PLA filament in stores.

The store will stock the popular desktop printer in white and silver in-store, and will offer both blue and magenta colored versions online.

The Cube can print objects up to 140 mm by 140 mm by 140 mm in size.

The Cube 3D printer also comes with 25 free .STL print files. Other print files can be found on the Cubify store or can be created using software like Cubify Invent.

Print time for each object varies but is proportional to the size and complexity of the creation. For example, an average smart phone case would take approximately two hours to print.

"The Cube printer is a 3D printer for everyone – it's easy to use, and helps you turn your big ideas into tangible objects you can hold," Watson said. "Whether it's to bring to life your design course work, show concepts to clients, or create something unique for fun, Cube 3D printers have you covered."