Autodesk's Fusion 360 is a cloud-based design, testing and fabrication software package offering T-Spline, Solid, Parametric and mesh modeling. It is capable of importing OBJ or STL and can translate more than 50 file types. It includes history editing – the ability to change a previous operation on the modeling timeline without having to update anything downstream. It can also create optimized support structures for 3D printing and print jobs can be launched within Fusion 360 for compatible machines such as the Ember.

This week, Autodesk is announcing several initiatives to encourage 3D printing users to adopt Fusion 360 for modeling and design tasks, or at least add it to their software toolbox.

Beginning on May 30th, all functionality that was exclusively available in the more robust Fusion 360 Ultimate will be rolled into Fusion 360.

Pricing is attractive. Autodesk Fusion 360 is free for students, educators, hobbyists and startups. A commercial subscription is $300/year, which includes automatic updates and upgrades.

Starting today, the following 3D printer and CNC hardware vendors will include a free, one-year commercial subscription of Fusion 360 with sales of their machines:

Autodesk is releasing the Fusion 360 API on Github this week. It will allow users to develop customized scripts that control Fusion 360 features and it should enable more sophisticated third-party add-ins to extend functionality.

Open Source CAD files for Autodesk's Ember SLA printer will be included in Fusion 360 under the same Creative Commons license used for Arduino. Autodesk encourages the hardware community to inspect, modify and remake Ember.