Bad King is at again it. The amazing repository of ZBrush modeling tools has just released a "wear and tear" brush set allowing artists to create the challenging rips and folds required to make sculpted clothing look more realistic. As with the many ZBrush brushes developed by Bad King's artist collective this "wear and tear" brush set is downloadable for free – another generous donation to grow ZBrush's library of tools and materials. Beautifully designed by Kaushik Saha, this "wear and tear" brush set represents Bad King's commitment to creating highly detailed tools that win praise in the ZBrush community.

Since releasing its "Monster Pack" brushes several months back, Bad King has been recognized as a premier provider of free, downloadable, ZBrush sculpting tools. They are mostly known for their insert multi-mesh brushes which are coveted by many CG modelers as a means to accelerate the sculpting process. ZBrush introduced the insert multi-mesh brush concept, also known as IMM  brushes, approximately two years ago – enabling artists to build highly complex 3D printable sculptures in record time. More swiss-army knife than brush, the IMM brushes are actually a collection of several meshes that can be painted onto the surface of another piece of geometry. Each brush is composed of many parts that can be reconfigured and combined in imaginative ways to create unlimited design possibilities.

ZBrush comes with several IMM brushes pre-installed which include a dragon, freight train, gun and space ship. Along with its new "wear and tear" brush, Bad King adds to the mix with its insect, gemstone, splash, and spider bot brush sets. Besides IMM and regular brushes provided, Bad King offers materials and base-mesh models as well.

Many eager and talented ZBrush artists happily contribute to Bad King's growing toolbox. Bad King's IMM Mega Monster Brush Pack is a prime example, with contributions from internationally renowned artists such as  John Mahoney, Diego Teran, Jared Krichevsky and many more. The Mega Monster Brush Pack is a wonderful assortment of horns, bat wings and demonic heads that will keep any avid monster designer occupied for days. Hinted on the Bad King web site is an all new IMM brush collaboration focused on robots and mechanized creatures.

The full assortment of Bad King brush offerings can be found on the Bad King web site. To learn more about ZBrush's insert multi-mesh tools, check out the ZBrush web site.