Generally speaking, when you more than double your Kickstarter campaign goal with half a month to go, you are probably on to something.

That's exactly what happened with the crowd funding drive for the BI V2.0 self-replicating, high precision 3D printer.

The campaign has already raised $88,354 from 147 backers on a goal of $30,000 with 15 days left to go.

The printer's creators, Jean Le Bouthillier and Francois Crete, are now shooting for several stretch goal levels that reach up to $300,000.

The printer from Boots Industries has a 300 X 300 mm print area, a RUMBA board, an LED ring mounted around the extruder to allow you to see your parts as they are being made, all magnetic end stubs to reduce backlash when homing, sleeved electrical wiring, convenient connectors for maintenance, and carbon fiber rods for the frame.

"One of the key features of the 2.0 is our brand new cable drive system," Bouthillier said in the campaign video. "This triple pulley design keeps all the parts level during the print process, which automatically translates into a higher quality."

The printer also has an LCD panel and SD reader, which allows you to bypass your computer when storing and printing files, if you wish.

The BI V2.0 can accommodate up to 3 redesigned J-Head hotends or two hotends and an automatic leveling probe. At its high quality setting, it prints 0.22 mm-thick layers at a speed of 2,400 mm per minute. It uses 1.75 mm ABS, PLA and Nylon fiber.

"One of our primary design goals with the 2.0 was also to empower you to build your own printers," Bouthillier said. "That means we've included parts that actually fit in the 2.0's build volume." You can use the BI V2.0 to print parts for more BI V2.0s.

A donation of $699 will get you one of the printers, complete with the heat bed, LCD controller and auto-level probe. You will need to add another $60 for shipping in the US and Canada though.

The printer does come with a minimal amount of assembly required. To get started you will need to complete the frame assembly and plug in the electrical components.