Chicago-based BL 3Dimension Corporation has announced a new educational initiative aimed at making 3D Printing technology available to schools.  It's called 3D EduLab, and it's a complete course that will introduce students to Mcor's line of paper-based 3D printers. BL 3Dimension is an Mcor, Artec and 3Dconnexion solutions provider.

EduLab will feature all of the input and output hardware and software, installation, training, support, ongoing maintenance, and even the curriculum and classroom space necessary to make 3D technology available to instructors and students.

"To my knowledge, 3D EduLab is the first turnkey 3D solution of its kind for the Education market," said Kevin Braden, President of BL 3Dimension.  "3D EduLab brings us another step closer to our mission of being the leading provider of 3D printing and scanning solutions in the Midwest."

According to Dr. Conor MacCormack, Co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies, they hope to "encourage advancement by enabling students to transform their ideas into physical 3D printed models that they can hold in their hands."

Because they use common office paper, water-based adhesive and ink, Mcor 3D printers are safe for the classroom. There are no chemicals, fumes or sharp cutting tools. And since they can print in full, photorealistic color, Mcor 3D printers can foster students' design skills across various departments, from product design and engineering to architecture, medical and fine arts. 3D EduLab has curriculum designed for middle schools all the way up through university and vocational schools.