In a move that will make many eighties children salivate, Japanese company Brave Robotics has created their very own transforming robot.  The robot is the brainchild of Brave Robotics developer Kenji Ishida.  He's spent eleven years designing the current model, one version at a time.

Ishida began in 2002 with just a pair of legs and every year the robot's design gets a little more complex.  Today the transformer looks incredible.  It can turn from a controllable car to an Autobot and back again.  It also has a Wi-Fi enabled camera in the front and shoots plastic missiles from its arms.

The current version of the "Transform Robot" required Ishida to build his own 3D printer.  The outer pieces on the robot are all printed to Ishida's specifications, allowing them to fit together perfectly as they transform.

Perhaps the best news about this whole project is that Ishida plans to keep right on going.  He's hoping to produce a car-sized transforming robot that people can ride in by 2030.  For now, he's offering a limited number of his mini transformers for sale on the Brave Robotics website.  They have a hefty price tag though; $24,000 each.

Take a look at what Ishida's Transform Robot can do: