Brick and Maker is an open source franchise concept envisioned by Diana Johnson and Brian Williford of Charlottesville, VA.  The idea is to create a franchised chain of brick and mortar stores/makerspaces for makers and consumers of maker-made products.  Each store would be equipped with accessible modeling software and a staff to guide the customer through creating 3D models and 3D printing their own items.  The products can then be taken home, or placed on the store's shelves for sale.

It is referred to as, "open source," because there will be no typical franchise fees if the planned Kickstarter campaign in May of 2013 is successful.  Franchisees would be able to start their own stores and adopt the Brick and Maker branding, business model, documentation, sample educational curriculum and a variety of shared knowledge.  If enough stores are launched, distributed manufacturing could be enabled among them, allowing product designs to be printed and marketed across the chain.

Brick and Maker is proposing a 3D Printmobile as a mobile alternative to a store front, or as an additional revenue stream.  Essentially a converted trailer with 3D printing equipment and a battery pack for power, it could be parked in a shopping mall parking lot, a flea market, or any other location where a temporary shop might be located.  It could also be rented for events and birthday parties, or for educational purposes.  Another option is offering sponsorships, whereby a sponsor's brand and logo would be advertised on the trailer as it was being driven between locations and the sponsor would be mentioned during presentations.

The first Brick and Maker store is expected to open in the Fall of 2013, in Charlottesville, VA.