You can find a whole host of companies willing to 3D print a miniature replica of you or a loved one, but now a 3D printing company in China is offering you the option of creating a life-sized version of yourself or a loved one.

Pinla3D recently opened at the wonderfully-named Wondercity Mall in Nanjing, China, is there to make your 1:1 figure a reality.

Visitors to the store, along with being able to take advantage of 3D scanning and printing services, can have their bodies scanned into a computer in about 3-5 minutes. Once the scan is complete, the company can print statuettes in any of fifteen different sizes.

The results are pretty accurate, and the company says they've tuned the process to a "portrait precision" of 0.08mm.

While even the 3D printed miniatures don't come cheap, (the smallest version of you comes in at around $162), the life-sized version is another level entirely. If you're really intent on seeing yourself 3D printed in remarkable detail, be prepared to come up with $28,555.

The whole shootin' match is the creation of Bow Wo Shanghai Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and their stated mission is "to provide for high-end, high-quality 3D portrait photo mosaics of precious metal products and combined 3D printing products."

The company promotes its wares through attending a series of major exhibitions like the Chinese National Wedding Expo.