ZeGo engraver

It may not be the most popular method of constructing an FDM/FFF 3D printer, but delta robotic setups are gaining traction for their versatility.

A parallel robot which calls on three arms connected by universal joints to do its business, 3D printing companies are making delta devices which function in a way unlike the three axis printers you may have seen in the past.

The typical delta 3D printer setup is based largely on Johann Rocholl's Rostock open source design, and now a Pittsburgh, PA, company, ZeGo Robotics, is launching a brand new delta robot, but with a twist, as it were.

The multifunctional ZeGo features a setup which allows for the use of five different tools which can be connected to the robotic arm via magnetic joints.

And that makes the ZeGo a very versatile Maker machine indeed. The device can function as a plotter to make automatic drawings on paper or LCD screens, a 3D printer extruder which uses fused filament fabrication or PLA plastic filament heated at 185 degrees C, a wood burner to burn designs into various materials, a pick and place machine with fourth access availability or an engraver or PCB mill.

ZeGo plotter

That's a whole lot of fabricating goodness pressed into one package.

ZeGo says they're trying to "make one machine capable of doing it all." Aimed at small manufacturers and hobbyists, the machine is an attempt to replace several expensive machines with one affordable machine which lets a Maker purchase the appropriate attachments as the need arises.

Daniel Goncharov, the co-developer of the ZeGo, is looking to raise $50,000 to drive the production of the machine, and the company is offering Indiegogo backers a variety of pre-order options.

For $549, backers receive a kit which requires assembly. The kits all come with the pen plotter attachment and include an additional attachment of choice from the other available options.

If you're not the type who likes to take on DIY tasks, the entire machine, fully assembled, and equipped with all five attachments will set you back $2499. It's scheduled to arrive by January of 2015.

"Using the magnetic based attachments, ZeGo can quickly and easily be turned into a 3D printer, engraver, entry level pick and place machine, and much more," says Goncharov.