3D printing has experienced a bit of a boom in media outlets lately and executives at Coca-Cola must be paying attention. They put together a huge campaign for their Coca-Cola Mini bottle release in Israel and paired the new bottles with 3D printed mini statues of their customers.

The 3D printed mini-statues weren't available to everyone. The campaign was more like a "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" done with mobile apps instead of golden tickets. Customers first had to download Coca Cola's app and create a mini version of themselves. Then, they had to keep that mini-me happy by feeding them, shopping for them and entertaining them. One hundred and fifty people who participated were chosen to tour the Coca-Cola factory in Israel where they were given the chance to be scanned and immortalized with a 3D printed statuette of themselves.

As the visitors toured the factory, the Coca-Cola staff and engineers from partner firm Gefen Team used an Artec 3D scanner to capture their likeness. The scans were cleaned up and the 3D printers took over, creating a mini-model of each person out of sandstone. "We created 3D printed mini figurines of our consumers – their own little doll, which looks exactly like them, only in mini," a Coca-cola representative said. "Using the latest in 360° scanning and 3D printing technologies, we built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola's main factory in Israel. Our 360° scanner was able to scan a human figure within a few minutes. We transformed the photographic images into a 3D model and high resolution 3D printers were then used to bring the digital model back to life as perfect mini-me figures made of color sandstone. At the end of the day we gave them a special little gift but also a personal experience they will remember forever."

You can take a look at the ad campaign Coca-Cola ran in Israel here: