Chilean company ThinkerThing has built the first ever 3D object where the plans came directly from the brain of an individual. It's a small, orange robotic-looking hand.

In order to build the 3D object, ThinkerThing's CTO, George "Kongo" Laskowsky Ziguilinsky, wore one of the company's Emotiv EPOC headsets. The EPOC is designed with 14 sensors that tune into the brain's electrical signals. Then it communicates those signals wirelessly to a 3D software program.

The software program (also designed by ThinkerThing) begins with what they call a "DNA base". It starts with a basic outline, and then evolves as the user thinks about what they want it to look like. Once they are finished, the idea can be made real using a 3D printer.

This is a government funded project that will eventually be used by children in Chile's schools. Once the children get involved, their 3D creations will be exhibited (and can be purchased via Indiegogo) in order to support the school system.

This is not the first successful project TinkerThing has come up with. They've also used the technology to mind control a robot and play World of Warcraft, among other things.

You can take a look at the Creating Real Objects With Your Mind Project here: