Cubeek 3D, the first French shop specializing in the 3D printer sales and service, is set to open in Paris on April 4.

The shop, at 33 Rue du Docteur Roux in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, will offer printers from famous names like 3D Systems, Beeverycreative, Bq, David Laser, FormFutura, Leapfrog and PP3DP.

Cubeek plans to take advantage of growing interest from small businesses in 3D printing technology. They said they're in agreement with a recent Wohlers and Associates study which predicts that the arrival of low cost printers for businesses, particularly those in the 'professional' category and priced under 2000 dollars, will cause an explosion in the French market for 3D printing machines and services.

The team at Cubeek 3D say they plan to be along for the ride by "creating a close link with the consumer and making 3D printing more accessible."

The company is also intent on servicing the booming FabLab movement in Paris, and by catering to the Maker clientele of contractors, designers, artists, handymen, students and hackers, to be on the front lines of prototyping phase to phase development activity that those Makers represent.

The folks at Cubeek 3D say that a French Research Tax Credit (CIR), will spur the development of smaller scale industrialization, and they see an investment in a 3D printer purchase as "a point of differentiation" for small businesses engaged in project design.

Matthieu Bruckert and Stéphane Dupoux of Cubeek 3D

Offering a full line of 3D printers, materials, 3D scanners, accessories and software, Cubeek 3D says "the future is printed today," the company adds that they'll offer expertise as well.

Co-founder and General Director of the firm, Matthieu Bruckert, and Stéphane Dupoux, President of Cubeek, say their combined experience in industry and marketing led them to become aware of the opportunity in the 3D printing sector, and they add that a shared entrepreneurial spirit helps them understand the needs of their clientele.

If you happen to be nearby, Dupoux and Bruckert are hoping you'll stop by the new store at 33, Rue du Docteur Roux in Paris on April 4 for their grand opening.

You can contact Bruckert via email at, or check out their web store at