3D Systems is looking to break further into the UK market with the Cube and both Curry's and PC World have signed onto the deal. On October 2, 2013 both companies began offering the Cube and its accessories to online shoppers in the UK. The Cube 3D printer is currently being sold for £1,195 and comes in white, pink, green, silver or blue.

Even though 3D Systems has officially broken the ice in the UK, the Cube won't have the market cornered; not by a long shot. Just three months ago UK retailer Maplin began selling the Velleman K8200 printer kit in-stores for roughly half the price of the Cube. Still, the Velleman comes as an unassembled kit and isn't targeted to casual beginners. The Cube comes pre-assembled along with a host of free web and mobile apps like 3DME which make it easy to generate printable files.

The Cube is capable of printing layers of plastic 0.2mm thick and has a build area of 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5". It is Wi-Fi enabled and works with either ABS or PLA cartridges. Curry's and PC World are currently selling the Cube cartridges in 16 colors (including metallic and glowing) at a price of £53 each.

Want to see the Cube in action? Take a look at this:

3D Systems has not yet announced plans to have Curry's and PC World sell the Cube in-store; at this time UK shoppers can only order online. If it's anything like the move they made with Office Depot in the US though, we may eventually see in-store sales and demonstrations at select locations.