Deezmaker unveiled its Bukito lightweight portable 3D printer at the Bay Area Maker Faire and it was a huge hit with attendees. 

The Bukito offers a printable space of 5 x 6 x 5 inches (150 cubic inches) and weighs just six pounds.  Also, like its larger Bukobot cousins, it has sturdy aluminum rails allowing for a stable platform and accurate printing, and it works with almost any standard 1.75mm filament and open-source software.

The 6 lb Bukito

We got to witness its stability first hand.  At Deezmaker's booth, company President Diego Porqueras and his colleagues turned the unit upside down, sideways and back again several times and it kept printing accurately without missing a beat.

This little charmer is tailor made for a classroom full of kids.  Not that it's indestructible, the folks at Deezmaker do not recommend turning it upside down.  Still, watching a 3D printer in the middle of a print job being flipped around like a rag doll was quite a sight to see and certainly one of the more memorable spectacles at the Faire.

With its easy-to-grip handle and light weight, the Bukito fills a key niche in the marketplace for people who want to take a small, rugged printer with them wherever they go, according to Porqueras.

The Bukito is available for preorder with an expected ship date in late August.  The unassembled printer kit is priced at just under $700.

Diego Porqueras talking 3D printing with Maker Faire goers

In Other Company News

Deezmaker also introduced the Bukobot version 2, which features a compact extruder with an all-metal nozzle that can operate at higher temperatures to enable more materials, including PLA, ABS, nylon and polycarbonate.  The single-extruder kit will have a price point of about $1,200 and a dual-extruder version will cost around $1,500.