Deezmaker's crowd funding campaign for the Bukito is off to a fast start, more than halfway to its goal of $54,000 in just two days. The Bukito is smaller than its big brother, the Bukobot, but inherited key features, including speed, accuracy, sturdy aluminum rails, the Tatsu drive gear and an all metal hot end.

Designed by Rich Cameron (whosawhatsis), developer of the RepRap Wallace, the Bukito's construction is rock solid, but it is extremely portable, with a carrying handle attached to the top.  It is also very stable, as was demonstrated when we previewed the Bukito at the 2013 Bay Area Maker Faire. It has a build envelope of 5 x 6 x 5 inches (125 x 150 x 125 mm), a vertical layer height of 100 microns and a print speed of 150 mm/sec+. It uses 1.75 mm filament and thanks to its all metal hot end/nozzle assembly, it should be compatible with almost any material you can find in filament form (PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laywoo, Laybrick, Bendlay, Soft PLA).

Diego Porqueras, Deezmaker's President, explained the placement of the machine in the Deezmaker product line.  "The Bukito fills a key niche in the marketplace for anyone who may want to have a small, rugged printer they can take with them on their adventures.  It will be ideal for classroom use and can be shared between a few teachers at a school. We built it with an easy-to-grip handle and worked really hard to get the weight under six pounds."

To demonstrate the Bukito's lightness and printing stability, Deezmaker created a video showing the Bukito being carried aloft by a remote-controlled octocopter UAV (drone), while it is printing.  This was possible because the Bukito can be adapted to run on a battery, an option that will become available if funding is successful.

Pledges range from a Bukito kit for $549, delivered in February, 2014, to the same kit for $699, delivered in November, 2013. A fully assembled Bukito is also available for $799.  Check out the Bukito campaign here.