Makoo, a startup software firm in Italy, call themselves "the first online platform that materializes your emotions," and they do it by translating your voice into a 3D representation which can then be 3D printed as jewelry.

Makoo uses Java-based voice analysis software to "materialize the emotions and feelings of each of us, creating a unique and exclusive jewel."

Yep, you talk, the software makes with the horology – that's the jewelers art to those of you without a handy thesaurus.

Behind the scenes, the folks at Makoo then use 3D printing (after you select from a wide range of metallic materials such as steel, bronze, silver, gold and others) to turn your voice message into a bracelet or a ring.

Another nifty feature of the software and the finished product is that a QR code is embedded in the piece which allows you to go back and reveal the message contained within.

How cool is that? You can, as a coda to a romantic dinner, hand over a unique bracelet to your One and Only, and then reveal that it contains a message sure to melt her heart, like, say, "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Hey, if she doesn't dig H.L. Mencken, she's probably not the perfect girl for a romantic intellectual like you anyway...

The founders of Makoo, Federico De Simone, Giulio Galassi, Notari Arianna and Dario De Angelis, were also on the short list of companies in the running to win the InnovAction Lab, a competition which pits start-up companies against each other to catch the eye of a group of investors. They ultimately took third place. There were 120 participants when the contest began and their ideas were all presented to a jury composed of more than one hundred investors, incubators, angel investors and mentors.

If you'd like to try it out for yourself, you can go to While the install is a little cumbersome if you don't have the proper version of Java on your computer, the software itself is pretty neat.