RS Components and Allied Electronics have announced the release of their new 3D design software, DesignSpark Mechanical (DSM). It is free (but not open-source) software based on the professional SpaceClaim software. DSM employs a gesture-based push/pull interface that lets users click and drag to define shapes. It also comes stocked with a list of pre-modeled components from the RS Components and Allied Electronics 3D libraries. If you use the pre-modeled components in your model you will be able to automatically create a bill of materials detailing the component cost.

For those who are new to using CAD programs DesignSpark has also released eleven free tutorials to help you get started. They cover everything from installing the product to exporting your completed model. A number of export formats are available including STL, PDF, DXF and OBJ. At this time the program will not export files in STEP format.

You can take a look at a video describing the features of DesignSpark Mechanical here: