When we told you about Digital Grotesque back in July, the 3D printed room-sized exhibit was still under construction. Thanks to the hard work of Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger and their team, the exhibit has now been completed and is on display. The team has put together a video highlighting the room here:

The slightly alien-looking pattern is a result of a special algorithm the team developed. "Inspired by the natural process of cell division, we developed an algorithm that iteratively divides and transforms the initial geometry of a simple cube. Despite simple rules, a complex world of forms arises at multiple scales: between ornament and structure, between order and chaos, foreign and yet familiar: a digital grotesque," Hansmeyer and Dillenburger said on their website.

The team used a Voxeljet large format 3D printer to produce the Digital Grotesque display. This allowed them to print huge sections out of sand while keeping the resolution to one tenth of a millimeter. After printing, each piece was cleaned by hand and then painted white. When all the pieces were completed the team assembled them by carefully stacking them according to their outline, creating a room large enough to walk into and look around.

The Digital Grotesque display was completed around the same time as another groundbreaking 3D printed sculpture: Echoviren.