Doodle3D is an easy-to-use line drawing sketch program designed specifically for output to a 3D printer.  The software allows basic geometric or hand drawn 2D shapes to be 3D printed in layers.  Alternatively, the 2D shapes can be twisted, turned, bent and extruded into a 3D object, then printed.  Doodle3D can run in a computer's browser, or as an iPad app.

The system is unusual in that the software is not installed.  Instead, it is contained on a WiFi adapter designed to connect to a 3D printer's USB port.  Known as the Doodle3D WiFi Box, It is essentially a network print server and application host.  Any computer, compatible tablet or smartphone would be able to see the device, access the software and print to the attached 3D printer.

Doodle3D's Kickstarter campaign runs through May 22, 2013, with a funding goal of $50,000.  Early Bird pledges are going for $88, with the price going up to $99 after they are gone.  Successful funding will be applied to finalizing the software and working on additional tablet and 3D printer compatibility.  The Doodle3D WiFi Box is currently compatible with open source systems that accept 5D G-Code.  3D printers that employ proprietary electronics or software are being researched.

Doodle3D, makes 3D printing very easy from Rick Companje on Vimeo.