It's a Dremel 3D printer!The Dremel tool and its many variants have been a standby in the toolboxes of mechanics, carpenters and hobbyists since the company invented and built the first high-speed rotary tool back in 1934.

Since then the company has created a complete line of versatile tool systems like the Multi-Max oscillating tool, the Ultra-Saw, Saw-Max multi-saw and the Fortiflex flex shaft tool.

Now Dremel plans to take their experience building precision tools for the consumer and apply it to their Dremel 3D Idea Builder, what they're calling "the most user-friendly 3D printing experience on the market."

As part of a strategic partnership with Autodesk, Inc., Dremel says they'll provide free, print-ready 3D models and simple design tools through their corporate site,

Presales for the Dremel 3D printer will begin Sept. 18, 2014, on and, and the company says the printers will be available at select Home Depot stores in early November.

3DIdea features

"Dremel 3D will enable people to take 3D printing to new levels, from imaginative projects for the home, to inventive projects that may impact the world, Makers have been using Dremel tools to make three-dimensional creations with cutting tools for generations. Today, makers are using Dremel tools to fine-tune and fix their 3D printed creations and have been asking us to introduce a 3D printer. We're proud to offer them the Idea Builder and we can't wait to watch them build what's next," says John Kavanagh, president of Dremel."

The companys says the Dremel 3D Idea Builder will feature an intuitive print software package for simple customization of 3D models, a pre-installed extruder for out-of-the-box use, a portfolio of print-ready models from Dremel and Autodesk and a product support team via their Dremel Experts team.

The printer itself will feature a full color touch screen and onboard print software to allow for stand-alone operation, a fully enclosed cabinet to reduce noise and protect object building, an active cooling fan, print resolution down to 100 microns and a large, removable build platform for larger prints and projects

"This is just the beginning for us," Kavanagh added. "The Dremel 3D model portfolio will continue to grow with the help of Autodesk 123D apps and the models we will curate from our community. We'll be offering an increased number of customizers on our site that will further empower people to develop and personalize projects of their own."

Kavanaugh says Autodesk will bring their latest technology offering to bear on the deal as well.

"The partnership with Autodesk will allow us to bring together hardware and software to better address the needs of our community," he said. "We're excited to be an early partner with Autodesk in using Spark, the open platform to better connect digital content and the hardware."

Dremel says the printer will be offered for $999.